I already startet painting and creating objects out of diverse material when I was very young.  I now devote my time again to the fine arts.

Toying with composition, abstraction, form and the play up of colours is absolutely enthralling and fascinating for me.

The pictures are createt inspired by everyday objects either spontaneously or over a period of gestation. At the moment I work mainly with oil or acrylics on canvas or pieces of hardboard.

Now I would like to heartily welcome you to browse in my gallery .

     And...    treat yourself to an original !art by the artist; art from Kassel, original paintings by R.Stiehl Kassel ( R. Stiehl Kassel , R Stiehl Kassel , Rosemarie Stiehl Kassel , Rosi Stiehl Kassel ), onlinegallery: oilpaintings, acrylicpaintings, canvas, modern art, abstrayct art by

Rosmarie Stiehl, born 1957 in Röllshausen; Schwalm; Hesse; Germany,

at present living in the North-Hessian town Kassel.

interieur, design, flowers, animals, portraits Leinwand, classic and abstract paintings.;  art from the artist, original paintings at decent prices, art by the artist, original paintings from Kassel at good prices.

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